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The Body Love Society

Hi there! We’re Jenna and Lauren, the co-founders of The Body Love Society and your certified intuitive eating counselors.

We also happen to be ex-dieters/binge eaters/food & weight obsessed women.

Meet your intuitive eating counselors


Meet Jenna

Based in: Calgary, Alberta

Fun facts about Jenna: 

I have two sons that are a year and a half apart



My favorite food is pizza


I used to be an elementary school teacher before I fell in love with the world of UnDieting


Favorite podcast episode:

I obsessed over every bite of food that went into my mouth, I was bingeing weekly and hated my body every step of the way.

I realized that something had to change when I was getting ready for a beach holiday and I was excited, as long as I lost weight first.

It was never enough. My relationship with food was in shambles and all I ever thought about was food and my weight. After a long journey out of that way of living I am now an intuitive eater with a major passion for leading women to this way of living. 

I can’t wait to help you find this freedom as your Intuitive Eating Counselor!

My story:


When I was 16 I went on my first diet and I didn’t come up for air until over 10 years later. 



Meet Lauren

Based in: Los Angeles, CA

Fun facts about Lauren: 

I am a mom of 2 daughters


The beach is my happy place


I love my morning coffee (+ meditation when I can get some peace and quiet, which is rare!)


Favorite podcast episode:

Once I started to learn about self-love — the ability to look in the mirror and be kind instead of always judging myself — I knew that was what I needed to make meaningful shifts in my life.

This led me on a path to finding intuitive eating, peace of mind, and ultimately a better relationship with food and my body.

Today, I am a Mom to my two amazing daughters and passionate about helping women free themselves from diet culture and live their lives to the fullest.

My story:


I was stuck in the diet cycle for 10 years. I felt like there was no other way to live other than obsessing over what I ate, how much I worked out, and what my body looked like.

Our mission

After spending a decade chronic dieting, binge eating, and obsessing over weight, it felt impossible to be normal about food. We both got to our breaking points and realized we just couldn’t do it anymore!

When we discovered the UnDiet Effect, that all changed. 

After a lot of trial and error, we discovered that the answer to having food be simple, exercise be enjoyable, and wellness be sustainable was not trying to lose weight anymore. It just couldn’t be the focus if we wanted some peace in our lives.

This is the foundation of The Body Love Society. 

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of women UnDiet, become intuitive eaters, and find peace in their bodies. 

Eventually, we hit diet rock bottom and knew we had to make a change. But the first few months of our journey to stop dieting wasn’t easy. It felt less like food freedom and more like a free fall.

To provide a supportive, purposeful, and enjoyable environment that teaches women how to get out of the diet cycle once and for all - And to find wellness without the obsession.

Our mission today is the same one we started with: 

Work with Us!

Are you looking for the antidote to dieting, binge eating, and food obsession? 

Our private 12-week coaching program has been designed specifically for women who want to put an end to this toxic cycle and mindset for good.