How to Start Intuitive Eating

The first thing you’ll need before you start intuitive eating is a good understanding of the difference between not dieting and UnDieting.

Simply saying no to dieting doesn’t heal the damage done by years of restrictive rules, have-tos, shoulds, and can’ts (not to mention all the body image issues that come with them!). Even when you’re not dieting, you may still obsess over the food you’re eating (or not eating) and your current weight.

UnDieting is a mental, physical, and emotional process to find true peace with food and your body – at any size. 

But the journey doesn’t have to be hard. Here’s the path we’ve found that works best: 

Step 1: Stop tracking everything

Quit the meal plans, tracking apps and diet programs.

This can be scary, but it’s the first vital step in ending binge eating, and finding food and body freedom.

Step 2: Immerse Yourself in Anti-Diet Culture

Learn about anti-diet work and what it means to remove yourself from diet culture.

Listening to our How to Love Your Body podcast is a great place to start. You can listen to it here on the site or subscribe over at iTunes or Spotify. 

The UnDiet Your Mind journal will also come in handy. It’s a 60-day UnDiet journal so you can begin to think differently through repetition and consistency.

Step 3: Learn to tune into your body

Your body is so much smarter than you give it credit for. 

When you’re able to listen to your hunger signals and your own intuition, instead of an endless list of food rules and “shoulds”, this is where freedom (and feeling good at the same time) begins!

Step 4: Be kind to your body

Body acceptance and respect is a big part of this work. 

Our bodies are all different shapes and sizes and that has very little to do with what you eat and how you exercise.

Accepting your body wherever it lands makes life so much easier.

The world around you is likely filled with dieters and people who are focused on the way their bodies look. Even if you don’t personally know them, social media and pop culture are constantly putting them in front of you.

When you start intuitive eating, it’s not uncommon to feel alienated when everyone around you is pushing a different agenda. This is why it’s so important to connect with a supportive community of intuitive eaters. You can’t do this alone. 

Join the Undiet your mind app to become a part of our tight knit community full of UnDieters and Non-Diet experts

Join us when you’re ready! 

Step 5: Connect with other intuitive eaters