resources to help you on your intuitive eating journey

Over the years, we’ve heard the same questions, concerns, and complaints from UnDieters and, really, anyone who’s curious about this whole intuitive eating thing. 

We address as much as we can in our app and community, through our coaching, as well as in our DIY course and our journal

However, if you’re still feeling hungry for information on intuitive eating and UnDieting, check out the free resources below. 

Resource 1:

behind the before and after documentary 

In this half-hour documentary, we show you why the weight loss industry is designed to have you fail. We also provide you with actionable tips that’ll help you live a healthy life without pursuing weight loss. 

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Resource 2:

intuitive eating quiz

What’s stopping you from becoming an intuitive eater? If you’re not sure what your personal roadblocks are, this quiz will tell you what’s going on and how to get past it!

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Intuitive Eating:

 What's Stopping You?

Resource 3:

separating weight and wellness workbook

Do you associate being healthy with how much you weigh? This workbook contains loads of activities to help you separate the two. This is one of the most important steps in the intuitive eating journey, so this resource is a must-have for anyone new to UnDieting!

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Resource 4:

wellness without the obsession journal

One of the keys to success with intuitive eating is learning to trust your gut and your intuition. This journal gives you the private space to connect with what’s on the inside, so you can let go of the food and body struggles you deal with on the outside.

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Resource 5:

Weight Gain Fears Video Series

Still feeling hesitant about UnDieting? If you’re worried that you’ll gain weight the second you drop the diet, then this video series is for you. We’ll show you how to remove the last barrier to food freedom and wellness without the obsession. 

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Resource 6:

Top Ten Pieces of Advice from Real Intuitive Eaters

Nothing beats first-hand experience and advice when you’re about to make a life-altering change like UnDieting. In this roundup, you’ll get rock-solid advice from intuitive eaters plus resources to help you implement their suggestions!

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