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Join Lauren and Jenna every week as they dish about body acceptance, intuitive eating, and the power of community. 

How to love your body


This is your chance to get expert and easy-to-follow tips from your two favorite intuitive eating coaches!

How do I retrain my brain to trust my body?

In this episode Lauren and Jenna discuss HOW to build up trust in your body. Tune in if you are having a hard time trusting that your body knows what it needs! Body trust is a vital part of UnDieting, without it you cannot tap into your Intuitive Eating skills.


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The best way to get affordable support with Intuitive Eating

Stopped dieting and it’s just feeling blah? Here is the best way to get over that just “not dieting” feeling and actually become an UnDieter and Intuitive Eater for life! Get more info at www.thebodylovesociety.com/membership


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