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Join Lauren and Jenna every week as they dish about body acceptance, intuitive eating, and the power of community. 

How to love your body


This is your chance to get expert and easy-to-follow tips from your two favorite intuitive eating coaches!

How important is the science when it comes to Intuitive Eating?

This week Jenna and Lauren discuss the pros and cons on focusing on the science surrounding Intuitive Eating. How important is it to know the science? Is it all relevant? What should you listen to and what should you disregard? As with everything in UnDieting and Intuitive Eating there is no black and white answer […]


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The privilege of “wellness”

This week Lauren and Jenna are discussing the privilege involved in the wellness industry and how closely intertwined dieting is with consumerism, spending money and how YOU can figure out if you’re investing in your “wellness” in a way that is self honouring or just about marketing. Be on the lookout for some exciting new […]


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