want to heal your relationship with food and your body?

You’ve come to the right place! We are The Body Love Society and we’re here to support you on your intuitive eating journey. 

Here are some of the goals we’ll help you with:

Stop dieting and become an intuitive eater

Accept your body and trust that it will take care of you

Find support in a community of undieters and intuitive eaters

Take the Next Step

How can we support you on your intuitive eating journey?

There are sooooo many reasons women come to us for help.

They can’t get away from toxic diet culture in their personal lives, on social media, or at family gatherings…

They’re stuck in an unhealthy cycle of dieting, binge eating, and obsessing over food. 

Their calorie tracker and bathroom scale constantly remind them to obsess over their so-called “imperfect” bodies… 

If you’re here, then you’re tired of the diet cycle — obsessing over food, just to “fall of the wagon”, say screw it, go wild for a little while and then hop on the next diet on Monday. 

We know. We’ve been there, too. 

When fear, shame, and regret dominate your relationship with food and your body it will never get you anywhere, you’ll always be spinning in circles...But you’re here now and we’re so glad that you are! We’ve designed a variety of psychology based mindset solutions to develop a new way of thinking which leads to: normal eating, a healthier relationship with exercise, peace in your body and a MUCH more enjoyable life.


undiet academy: 12-week private coaching





Meet your intuitive eating counselors

we’re lauren mcaulay and jenna free. 

We are trained and certified intuitive eating counselors by The Original Intuitive Eating ProsⓇ. 

But that’s not where our story begins. We were once binge eaters and obsessed dieters , too.

 So, how did we become normal eaters?

 Not gonna lie… It definitely took some trial and error. But once we discovered the secret to ending the diet cycle and the emotional eating rollercoaster, we were able to find wellness without the obsession. The secret is deprogramming from the brainwashing that is diet culture. 

We were taught a set of beliefs and a way of thinking that has ruined our relationship with food and our bodies.

 Binge eating, food obsession and body hate can end if you begin to think a different way. Eating intuitively becomes natural, peace of mind sets in and it’s SO much easier to take care of your body in a way that actually works.

 It was the most incredible and freeing thing either of us had ever experienced. And now we get to help other women do the same!

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